Focused on You – Where you work

Our professionals know more than leasing – they are familiar with financing the technology YOU use – and they are willing to spend the time with you to put it to maximum advantage.

DDI will work closely with you to customize a financing plan that best suits your budget, cash flow and technology requirements.

  • Competitive Lease Rates with Highly Flexible Terms and Conditions
    • Multiple Lease Structures – Deferred payments, Step Leases, Tech Upgrades
    • Mid-Lease Options – Upgrade, Add On, Refinance, Restructure or Swap
    • End of Lease Options – Purchase, Renew or Return Equipment
  • Independent Financial Consultant with Industry Expertise
    • Marketing and Consulting During Life of the Lease
    • Aligned with All Major Hardware Manufacturers and Their Partners to Provide a Wide Range of Technology Financing Options
  • Proactive – Adaptable – Collaborative
    • Match Terms to Unique Business Requirements
    • Ability to Finance All Technology Needs
    • Account Managers are pragmatic, hands-on and share your operating vision

Offerings Include:

  • Master Lease Agreements
  • Installment Payment Agreements
  • Capital and Operating Leases
  • Software Only Financing
  • Lease Lines
  • Purchase Leaseback Structures
  • Asset Management
  • Network Integration and Consulting
  • Project Management