Vendor Programs

DDI Leasing Business Equipment 9

Getting it Done – Simply

Team with DDI and gain a competitive advantage that results in increased revenue and growing market share. Our objective is to create a relationship of trust between you, your client and the DDI team. We offer the following benefits:

Convenience – Our ability to bundle hard and soft costs together into one low monthly payment not only simplifies the acquisition process for your customers – it makes doing business more affordable.

Flexibility – DDI Capital will help you structure deals of any size and with multiple suppliers. We are a truly independent lessor and we will make your offering more attractive by structuring either operating and / or capital leases for your client.

Creativity – In today’s complex IT environment, not all deals are easy to close. DDI’s extensive experience, aggressive funding resources and creative leasing professionals can help you overcome the toughest challenges. We’ll get the deal done.

Our Promise to Our Vendor Partners:

DDI will always provide you with:

  • Great Rates
  • Quick Turnaround on Approvals and documentation to your clients
  • Superior customer service