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Situation: Our client, a teaching and research Hospital based in the Northeast is one of the nation’s leading University Medical Centers. The Hospital has a sterling reputation for compassionate care, exceptional patient-centered service and outstanding quality as evidenced by numerous, independent awards. Their growth has been fueled by embracing innovative technology in all facets – from traditional IT systems, advanced diagnostic tools and state of the art facilities for patients, family, doctors and support staff.

However, their objectives for growth were being challenged by budget constraints and the need to fund new technology acquisitions through off-balance sheet financing.

DDI Solution: DDI was first introduced to the Hospital nearly ten years ago by IBM in support of a new AS/400 system installation. The Hospital had exhausted much of its traditional financing capability and needed a leasing partner who understood their objectives recognizing that technology enablement was a strategic tool for the institution. The Hospital also needed an innovative partner that could structure an operating lease so that a new Data Center Build-Out complete with significant “soft costs” could be treated as an expense rather than an additional obligation on the balance sheet.

DDI’s solution included flexible lease terms that incorporated anticipated equipment additions, swap-outs and planned / unplanned CPU upgrades. DDI utilized innovative “first amendment” structures that allowed the securing of long term financing while balancing the hospital’s needs for operating lease treatment. DDI also worked with the client to bring in necessary equipment in advance of payment resources, often working with the client to structure deferred payment or various step-payment plans that facilitated the client’s funding process. The Hospital was also impressed with DDI’s knowledge of their technology environment and the practices of their IT vendors. DDI’s command of the industry’s past and present history of product upgrade procedures and likely announcements aided the client in building a road map for their IT evolution.

During the course of the past five years, DDI’s leasing and consultative assistance has been utilized by the Hospital for a wide variety of technology oriented tools. The positive experience has led the Hospital to introduce DDI to all of their departments including the Magnet Nursing Services, Cardiology, Urology, Radiology, Telecommunications & Video-Conferencing, and Patient Care. DDI has brought the same level of innovation, flexibility and responsiveness to a wide range of technology offerings. In fact, it is as likely to find DDI leasing new plasma displays, MRI scanners and patient room TVs as it is with IT mission critical servers, tape subsystems and storage area networks.

Value Delivered: DDI’s presence as a reliable and trusted partner of the Hospital is based on consistent and timely service. The Hospital values DDI’s consultative approach, flexibility and convenience — while also delivering competitive rates in line with their challenging fiscal environment.