Solution Profiles

DDI Leasing Business Equipment 999

Leasing – A Strategic Tool: Our client, a wholesale distributor of food and household products to retailers in New England and the greater NY Metropolitan area invests in new technology to leverage their effectiveness and efficiency as distribution specialists.

They needed a partner who shared their vision and could help them evaluate the various “buy vs. lease” alternatives as a strategic vehicle in technology acquisition. Moreover, they were about to embark on a new program to arm their retailers with a new and powerful – but potentially disruptive offering. Would a revolving array of vendor alternatives, multi-site implementation and ever changing installation schedule negate the anticipated benefits? Read how DDI responded with our Lease Line solution

Vendor Partnership – Getting it Done: Our vendor partner is a leading multi-national provider of professional services and comprehensive data storage solutions for mid to large sized organizations. A key to their success is the implementation of an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) data storage strategy for their customers.

The lifecycle management strategy fails to work if the client can’t afford the solution or is “locked in” to older purchased equipment that remains as a “stranded asset on the books.” Read how DDI serves as a “one stop solution” to this and other vendor financing needs

Technology Diversity – Information Technology to Infrastructure: IBM introduced this Northeast based Hospital to DDI in 1995. The Hospital has an outstanding reputation for quality care and innovation. However, growth objectives were being constrained by budget limitations and the need to fund new technology through off-balance sheet financing.

DDI responded with an innovative “operating lease structure” for the client’s data center needs. But would DDI’s IT expertise translate outside the computer room? The real innovation was occurring in the Nurse’s station, radiology, video-conferencing and even the patient’s room. Read how in the past decade, DDI’s leasing solutions have evolved to respond to a diverse range of the Hospital’s technology needs.