Healthcare Finance Programs

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Healthcare is a constantly changing and rapidly evolving environment. And with each new medical advancement, this environment must adapt. Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals struggle to provide the best patient care and stay competitive by offering the most advanced technology and services. How to fund these medical innovations is the major concern. DDI Capital is a leading source of operating, expansion and acquisition capital for Hospitals, Healthcare Services and manufacturing companies throughout the United States.

DDI Capital, a leading independent lessor of healthcare technology and medical equipment, has provided personalized cost effective purchasing solutions since 1993. Working as a financial resource, we partner with healthcare providers and manufacturers to assist in the acquisition of all types of equipment projects. As an independent, we have the ability to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of our clients.


DDI Capital has the flexibility to customize loan terms to fit any unique needs of our clients. As a business resource, DDI has the proven ability to provide financial solutions for our customers with a variety of flexible and creative leasing structures to balance their risk.


DDI Capital offers more value than any other leasing company guaranteed. As a proven provider of financing solutions, DDI offers the most competitive lease rates and customized leasing packages in the industry. Once you decide to partner with DDI, a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to assist you through the financing process but you will always have access to our decision makers for any questions you may have. You will also be provided with free, ongoing consulting throughout our partnership as well as excellent customer service.

Healthcare Organizations

Our business solutions assist all types of healthcare organizations such as:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems (For profit, not-for-profit, specialty hospitals and municipals)
  • Small to Large Healthcare Practices
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Outpatient Care Centers/Diagnostic Imaging Centers/Clinics
  • LTAC Centers
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Life Science and Biotech Organizations
  • Equipment Manufacturing Vendors and Distributors

Leasing Programs

As an Independent Lessor of technology and equipment products, DDI Capital has the ability and flexibility to fund challenging credit needs.

Vendor Co-Branding Program

DDI Capital gives equipment manufacturers, distributors and 2nd tier distributors the ability to private-label their own leasing department.


DDI has worked with some hospitals for over 20 years where we have become a tremendous asset. We have the ability to keeps hospitals within their operating budget when acquiring new equipment and technology. Partnering with DDI gives our clients a dependable and committed financial resource. The fact that we are not tied to a manufacturer means we have no hidden agenda to push additional equipment or software. We truly work for the best interest of the hospital and their continuously increasing goals.

Our clients need to spend their capital on construction projects as they continued to grow and expand their operations and facilities. DDI’s financing programs allows them to acquire new technology and medical equipment without drawing from their cash pool. We will provide operating leases whose intent is to not only keep the hospital on budget but continually upgraded their out-of-date technology.

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